HR Generalist

Job description

About the company:

DEV is the first social network built with Forem, where software developers of all backgrounds and experience levels could connect and share knowledge. It was founded on the idea that the software developer ecosystem needed a true community platform that extended beyond code collaboration tools and troubleshooting forums.

Forem, the open-source software that powers DEV, is a platform established on trust and transparency that does not track users, centralize control, or otherwise hoard user data. As an open-source platform, every line of code is auditable by the community itself. Each community controls its own data, domain, and develops its own brand, with no central authority or internet overlords.

There are currently two offerings:

  • Forem Self-Host: free, self-hosted application, support from the community
  • Forem Cloud: for enterprise teams, paid hosted application with priority support and professional resources for managing and scaling their community.

Forem has built a decentralized alternative to Facebook Groups, Reddit, etc. They are leading the wave of inclusive social networks by bringing open source to the masses and solving the problems of centralization and consolidation in social media.

What we've been up to:

Forem is backed by Mayfield, a leading firm in the Bay Area, who most recently led an $11.5M round in the company. The team is ~40 people (~25 in Engineering), and is fully distributed around the globe. The team has been fully distributed since 2019.

Why Join us:

  • Massive Market: Social networking and online community continues to be one of the biggest possible markets. Forem has the potential to be an Internet scale business.
  • Demonstrated Traction: The Forem community, DEV, has ~700,000 registered developers and reaches more people each month than Hacker News.
  • Platform Business Model: Just as Shopify allows anyone to set up their own modern online store, Forem allows anyone to stand up their own independent social network. Forem aligns their business aspirations with the success of their community leaders.
  • Creator Driven: Forem allows creators to build more deep and meaningful connections to their audience, a trend that is booming with Substack, Patreon, TikTok/Instagram influencers, etc.
  • Enterprise Interest and Access: Over 3,000 organizations like Stripe, Shopify, Twilio, Heroku, Google Cloud, etc. have organically joined DEV. Though the company is early in its Go-to-Market motion, they have direct access to their target customers via DEV, and have already signed deals with New Relic, Snyk, and the Interledger Foundation.
  • Compelling Open Source Platform Model: A strong contributing community of ~600 developers and 17k+ GitHub stars.
  • Strong Company Mission: To create inclusive communities and empower the independent web.


We are looking for an enthusiastic HR Generalist who can focus on recruiting, hiring and interviewing. The HR Generalist would help build out general HR processes but would have an emphasis on owning and enhancing our hiring & onboarding process. This person is committed to fostering a high-performing, anti-racist and inclusive culture of transparency, trust, and collaboration. This role will report to the Director of People Operations. The salary range for this role starts at $75,000.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain documentation for hiring process (from posting to onboarding)

  • Recruit qualified candidates for roles

  • Write job descriptions for newly created roles

  • Conduct background checks

  • Coordinate candidate communications & scheduling

  • Train team on interviewing

  • Work with hiring manager to keep recruiting process on track

  • Work with Director of People Operations to regularly visit hiring plan and needs

  • Redesign and facilitate training and orientations for new hires

  • Administer HR programs like benefits, compensation, stipends, and other perks

  • Assist in offboarding processes as needed

Skills or Experience We’d Like To See

  • 2-4 years of recruiting experience

  • Demonstrated understanding of best practices in hiring

  • Thrives in a fast-paced start-up environment

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative team

  • Solid knowledge of sourcing techniques

  • Hands-on experience screening and interviewing candidates

  • Solid understanding of HR practices and federal and state employment law

  • Strong communication skills and ability to interact with all levels in the organization

  • Ability to manage, protect, and maintain confidential information

  • Ability to multi-task and context switch without compromising accuracy


  • Unlimited/minimum required vacation

  • Monthly Wellness Budget

  • Free BetterHelp (online therapy) services

  • Medical, Dental, Vision plan (U.S. only)

  • 401K (U.S. Only)